The perfect mix of angst and comfort.

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“The perfect mix of angst and comfort, with insights into and comments on the human condition, mixed with drama and romance… I was riveted.” – B.

“I can’t imagine what more I’d want in this story. That’s a big compliment, since I usually have a laundry list of things I’d change about most books.” – Susan

“…The author’s laugh out loud funny moments are a joy and always placed perfectly in the story.” – E.B.

“Kallmaker shows with the skill in this book why she deserves such a large fan following.” – Sage

“I hope this book sells like nobody’s business to show publishers that romances can be about more than sex, that it takes well-developed characters and plot to make a good story.” – Lenka

The Kiss that Counted by Karin Kallmaker

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Kiss That Counted   

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