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With a focus on a range of lesbian and bisexual books, including an occasional lesbian romance, The Lesbrary provides reviews and highly detailed link roundups of news and reviews. Round-up links could be useful in picking out that new favorite. They make an effort to review books that feature marginalized story people, e.g. people of color and disabled people.

Writers wondering what kinds of things savvy readers like and dislike can learn from reading reviews here. If you rely on their reviews, a click to purchase a book through their links will help pay a few of the bills of running the site.

From the Lesbrary site:

The Lesbrary is a book blog all about les/bi/etc books. Yes, this often means lesbian books (hence the name), but includes anything in the broad “doesn’t identify as a man and is at least some of the time attracted romantically and/or sexually to others who do not identify as a man” category. Lesbrary books don’t have to be written by a queer author, though it helps. The Lesbrary is mostly made up of reviews of les/bi/etc books, but also has features like Link Round Ups (a collection of all the latest les/bi/etc lit news and reviews) and guest posts.

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