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Bella Books Author Corner: High School Reunions

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Bella Books is hosting a YouTube Authors’ Corner with lots of delicious video readings from a diverse collection of lesbian fiction. (You should subscribe to the channel so you’ll know when new ones are put up!) My contribution is now online – a reading from late in Unforgettable when Rett Jamison and Angel Martinetta might finally get past the past they never had.

Confession: I’ve never gone to one of my high school reunions. I think that’s because I was in a relationship during high school with my now-wife and being close to people was risky. Life in the closet – a familiar price to a lot of us. I drew on that a little in creating Unforgettable and the toxic loop for Rett in her relationship choices. She’s going to the reunion looking for a do over. Instead she gets a new beginning.

Have a watch! (The sound quality is best at YouTube, so you can also just click the title and watch it at their site.)

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