In Which I Fan Girl and Oh Yeah, There’s a Literary Cruise

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Hi. My name is Karin and I am a goofy doofus fan girl. I’m fairly practiced and blase about meeting readers and bumping shoulders with other writers. But I’ve got an event coming up where all my Grownup Skills will be deeply challenged by my Fan Girl Doofus History.

Books. Hundreds and hundreds of lesbians. Writers, authors. Singers, songwriters. Smart Women. Sheroes. All on an Olivia Cruise to Alaska.

Poof! Magic is going to happen when all of those things are in the same place next June. But what do I Fan Girl first? So many choices my head is spinning.

The entertainment alone is mind-boggling: Kathy & Mo, the smartest women in comedy. Suzanne Westenhoefer, the smartest woman in comedy. Karen Williams, the smartest woman in comedy.* And then there’s Cris Williamson. Suede. Broadway and TV Star Natalie Toro.

One of my first experiences with cruising was with Olivia, and I will never forget the sheer bliss of a floating safe space. No glances over the shoulder to see who was watching before holding hands. The freedom to laugh, dance and sing without the constant inner guard always asking if it’s okay to visible. I am a different person because of Olivia and the women travelers who made merry all over the world. I saw so many icons of lesbian culture on these trips. Out lesbians, making their living with their visibility.

Stop Rambling and Get to the Point

I know, I’m trying.

If you’re reading my blog, that means you like books, are writing books, trying to write books, are a lesbian, or all of the above. And this Majestic Alaska Olivia cruise will be featuring Lesfic Authors with a Literary Adventure at Sea! This main cruise event will feature workshops, meet & greets, book signings, interactive author panels, special events and customized shore excursions sponsored by Curve Magazine. The Literary Adventure is masterminded by Sapphire Books and they’re gathered an impressive group of authors (seriously, go look!).

All that, and the breathtaking, soul-stirring sights of Alaska. Here’s another one, because Alaska.

I was totally on a helicopter and I totally did that on both previous trips and I’ll do it again, yes I will. Picture at top 1993, this picture 2014. I am Fan Girl about Alaska, so much that I set a book there.

Fan Girl Brain Meltdown

I’m already going droolish fan girl over the entertainers on the trip. (You didn’t notice, right? Sure.) But the challenge to keep my street cool** gets even harder.

I know I will be my usual mess of a fangirl over Dorothy Allison. Goosebumps. I already had a deep and abiding admiration for her, and then had the privilege of hearing her keynote address to the Golden Crown Literary Society in 2015. “You know what’s in your heart and that’s what you should be writing,” she said. There wasn’t a person in the room she didn’t reach with her encouragement and faith. Two nights later, after I presented the Trailblazer award to Joan Nestle, I got a hug from Dorothy and I managed not to say something vapid or outright drool. She likely does not remember the event at all, let alone that I trod on her foot.

So yeah, I’ll be there trying not to embarrass myself as I usually do with luminaries.

But the hard truth is that two of my most embarrassing moments in “brushes with celebrity” were with two of the other women who’ll also be on this cruise: Cris Williamson and Greta Cammermeyer. Neither will remember, sure.

So it doesn’t actually seem real that my name now appears on a list with all of these women as featured participants in this Lesbian Adventure, as if I’m some sort of Dignified Grownup. Let’s not tell them otherwise, okay? They seem happy to have me along.

Intrigued? Go read more:

Just remember that if you want to save $100-$600 per person, you need to use the code SAPPHIRE when you book. If you have any further questions about the Adventure, or need help booking, drop a line to Sallyanne at Sapphire Books.

Questions about cruising to Alaska? I’ve done it twice, and will be happy to answer if you comment.

  • THEY ARE ALL SMART, I mean seriously, smart is funny is smart is sexy is smart and this is an amazing gathering of all that and a bike on Christmas morning. Knowing me, I will tell each one she is the smartest woman in comedy and I’ll do it front of all the others. So, so suave am I.

** I have lots of street cool, right? Sure.

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