Did Santa Bring You an eBook reader?

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Starting with its 2009 titles, Bella Books is going to be releasing the eBook version (in both PDF and MOBI formats) of its new releases at the same time as the print release. So you can get all the new releases without any delay, and take all of them on planes, trains and automobiles. Or (like me) to the gym, waiting for the kids to get out of wrestling practice or enjoying a fine latte. Read More

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What a Year for a New Year

Karin Kallmaker Cheers & Chocolate

It’s still five days to 2009, but it’s time for a New Year, isn’t it? Everybody knows somebody who is looking for a new job. We’re going to get a new start with a new president, but in the meantime we still have the old one. The year end mutual fund statements are going to hurt more than the last, and even tougher than the near-retirement boomers realizing they will have to work more years now are the near-college teens realizing their college funds aren’t worth a fraction of what they hoped. Read More

Hello Again, Jamie and Val – “Happy New Year Too”

Karin Kallmaker Making Up for Lost Time, Short Stories

Cover, Making Up for Lost Time

Today Bella Books is releasing a new short story by me that features the characters Jamie and Val from Making Up for Lost Time. It’s really cool – I wrote the story a little over a week ago and now it’s “published” in eStory form. You can get a copy of it by buying an eBook of a Bella or Spinsters Ink book between now and January 5. Read More

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The Nostalgia of Books

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My younger child is eleven this past October, which means we moved into this house eleven years ago. At the time, I carefully unpacked all my books from the old house and arranged them on the shelves in the closet of my new office. Since then, my name appears on the spine of another nineteen books. Ten have been translated to other languages. I’ve contributed stories or essays to at least twenty-five anthologies. Read More