Writing Books for LGBTQ Youth – Saturday Night at Laurel!

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Cover, Being Emily by Rachel Gold

This is one of those events where I hope to learn more than I teach!  Annameekee Hesik (The You Know Who Girls) will read and talk about writing the kinds of books she wanted to read when she was a teen, and Lynn Bravewomon (Safe and Inclusive Schools Coordinator with the Hayward School District) will talk about the role of books and the importance of reaching young people with inclusive, positive messages they will believe.

I’ve never written specifically for young readers and I might be a mom, but I’ve never worked with kids otherwise. So where do I fit in? As a writer, I’ve always tried to create characters who vividly show that it does, indeed, get better. I would certainly like to know more about young readers, so I am looking forward to hearing from Annameekee and Lynn.

But more to the point, while I didn’t write the groundbreaking Being Emily, I was part of the team that selected and produced it. I’m thrilled to read from it, and I hope to honestly represent Rachel Gold’s intentions as the author. I can also speak to how books that reach young people with life-saving messages can contain mind-changing messages for older readers as well.

Please make the journey to Oakland for this special night – it’s sure to be invigorating for the writers and illuminating for the readers, teachers, parents and anyone committed to the security of LGBTQ youth.

Saturday April 27, 2013, 6:00 p.m.
Laurel Bookstore
An Independent Community Bookseller
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