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It’s Unexpectable! Audio and Virtual Events and Stuff and Things

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You have probably heard that there’s a pandemic going on. All of us are learning new ways to stay in touch and share our lives and work. I can certainly say that I’ve done more audio and video events in the last month than in perhaps the last five years. And there’s more on the way. Thank goodness for YouTubers with tips on everything from camera management to make-up! I may have watched more than a few.

(FYI, you can click here to see all posts in the “Events and Appearances” category. Interviews and podcasts are here. Readings are here.)

Bella Books Author Corner: High School Reunions

Bella Books is hosting a YouTube Authors’ Corner with lots of delicious video readings from a diverse collection of lesbian fiction. (You should subscribe to the channel so you’ll know when new ones are put up!) My contribution is now online – a reading from late in Unforgettable when Rett Jamison and Angel Martinetta might finally get past the past they never had.

Confession: I’ve never gone to one of my high school reunions. I think that’s because I was in a relationship during high school with my now-wife and being close to people was risky. Life in the closet – a familiar price to a lot of us. I drew on that a little in creating Unforgettable and the toxic loop for Rett in her relationship choices. She’s going to the reunion looking for a do over. Instead she gets a new beginning.

Have a watch! (The sound quality is best at YouTube, so you can also just click the title and watch it at their site.)

Win a Free eBook – Don’t Delay

If you send an email to [email protected] and tell them what your favorite part of the reading was, you could win a free eBook of Unforgettable. Listen and then do it because the drawing happens tomorrow! (Friday, 4/29/20) You can support a lesbian-owned business by ordering a copy from Bella Books or you can get a signed copy from me.

If you’ve read Unforgettable and want more, there are two long short stories in Frosting on the Cake: The Original. One features Natalie’s courtship of Cinny, and the other a chapter in the life of Rett and Angel when they need each other the most.

Clare Lydon – We Had a Lovely Chat

Clare Lydon, author of Before You Say I Do and the delightful London Calling series, invited me to a lovely chat about books, the lesbian sex wars, Wonder Woman, and my novel Because I Said So.

You can tell us apart because she’s the one with the yummy accent. Listen to this episode of the Lesbian Book Club Podcast below, or download the mp3 and listen on your portable device. Have a listen and you’ll find out why I said, “Yes, I’m that b!tch.”

Curve Virtual LGBTQIA Festival

Grounding and calming – that was the result for me after participating in the panel “The New Now: Writers On Personal Persistence in Extraordinary Times.” It was a great hour spent with my Bella Books colleagues debut author Stacy Lynn Miller, the prolific Ann Roberts, mystery writer Catherine Maiorisi, and thriller-romance author Melissa Price.

We share our struggles with shelter at home orders and the stress of the pandemic. And even better for me especially, they all had great advice on coping that I found very useful, and you might too.

The Curve Festival is ongoing and features lots of queer artists, writers, and musicians. You can support the Festival with your donation:

Let’s Be Together Until We Can Be Together

With the cancellation of conventions for the foreseeable future – including my beloved GCLS Con in Albuquerque loud sobbing noises – you can look for many lesbian fiction authors, me included, at virtual events this June and July. Please follow me on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date.

I’ll post announcements and try to keep everyone in the loop so we can be together until we can be together. And that’s a sentiment that would have made no sense a few short months ago. Now, it’s keeping me hopeful and sane!

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