Trivia – Sugar and Fondant

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Fondant is hard to make and even if Karin wanted to make it, she lacks the patience and artistry to pull it off. Words are less dangerous for everyone involved. Hence Sugar and its vicarious cake making.

Trivia – Substitute for Love’s Fascinating Math

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No math whiz, Karin spent a long time studying the milestones of mathematics to create a realistic passion for Holly Markham in Substitute for Love. Her favorite fascinating fact was how measuring sound waves electronically replaced the whack of an engineer’s hammer against a train wheel to test for metal fatigue. File that under “Cool stuff writers hope some day will help them win Jeopardy!”

Trivia – How was Substitute for Love inspired by Dick?

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The inspiration for the character of Reyna Putnam in Substitute for Love came when Karin watched then candidate Cheney dance around the issues of LGBT rights as if his own daughter’s life wouldn’t have been improved had he cared enough to spend any of his political capital on her. Who wants to be that guy’s flesh-and-blood? What is the price when your needs conflict with his plans?

Trivia – Christabel

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Samuel Coleridge’s epic poem Christabel sends a self-appointed knight into the evil, green forest to fight a witch for the soul of a young woman. It is presumed that the young woman wouldn’t stay with the witch unless she were under a spell. That script needed flipping.

Trivia – Making Up for Lost Time

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Pretend you’re something you’re not and hope for the best. After all, the lie only has to last a few days. Making Up for Lost Time started with this basic premise of a screwball comedy, with inspiration from the hilarious Christmas in Connecticut, starring Barbara Stanwyck.