Roller Coaster Shipping Early + 25% Off Until Dec 31!

Karin Kallmaker Book News, Roller Coaster

Cover, Roller Coaster by Karin Kallmaker

Bella Books is shipping out the paperback version of Roller Coaster as an early holiday treat – and they’ve discounted it 25% through December 31. It won’t be shipping from any other retailer until the middle of next month.

I’ve created an extensive excerpt at my web site of all of the prologue and a good chunk of chapter one to introduce you to two women I love: Helen Baynor and Laura Izmani. Both are accomplished professionals with a driving passion for their respective fields, but neither has found love. Helen hasn’t been looking and isn’t ready when passion erupts. Laura is willing to let love find her, but she’s not looking in the right places.

This is the longest book of my career at over 100,000 words. I hope readers find the involved and detailed lives of these two women as engrossing as I did!

Happy reading and happy holidays to one and all. Your support over the many years means more than I could ever adequately express. So I’ll keep it simple: Thank You.

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