It’s that Simple – Blue Collar Lesbian Short Stories is out!

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Blue Collar Lesbian Erotica

Blue Collar Lesbian Short Stories is newly released from Yellow Rose Books. It has my short story “It’s That Simple” along with stories by Georgia Beers, Cheri Crystal, Pat Cronin, Nann Dunne, Verda Foster, Vada Foster, Anne J. Kingsley, Victoria Oldham, Radclyffe, Trish Shields, Sammo, Kathy Smith, Kate Sweeney, MJ Williamz and Ali Vali. In my story, a mall Santa saves up her pennies to surprise her Elf with something they’ve both wanted.

I think I can guarantee that you’ll never walk by a little Santa house at the mall without wondering what’s up inside.

Writing erotica is a lot of fun, for the obvious reasons, first and foremost, but I also like it because for me a story works if something about the characters is endearing or funny. In this story in particular I also wanted to show how some things don’t have to be complicated. Lesbians can and do enjoy intimacy and sex simply because it feels good and they like it. The narrator wants to please her girlfriend, and to her, it’s really that simple. I hope you enjoy the tale.