GCLS 2009 – Orlando!

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That’s right, this year the only conference exclusively devoted to stories about lesbians is off to the land of the Mouse! Four days and one gala night later, we’ll be exhausted and energized all at the same time.

I’m very pleased that my The Kiss that Counted has been shortlisted for a Goldie in the Traditional/Contemporary romance category. I’m also slated to be auctioned off for a first dance after the awards. But seriously, folks, the best part of the con for me will be sharing stage with two very different writers, Jean Redmann and Missy Good. The three of us all come to lesbian writing from different paths, we write different genres, but we are still sistuhs!

Golden Crown Literary Society Conference 2009. See you there!

What is this item? That’s a mousepad, and it’s up for silent auction to benefit the GCLS Scholarship Fund. Why is it special? It’s a copy of one I customized for myself to motivate me to meet my deadlines. Maybe it’ll help the winner more than it has me.

I’m also auctioning a character name for my upcoming novel, Above Temptation. Check the Silent Auction for details about the auction.

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