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Change in Outlook

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This is hardly on the topic of writing, but it does involve some heavy thinking about words. For the first time I’m using Outlook for e-mail. To my surprise, I discovered that AOL’s spam filters really do work. Outlook seems to stop most of the ones about real estate, diet drugs, and my private opportunities to help smuggle $100,00,0000 HUNRED MILION DOLARS (sic) out of somewhere in Africa.

It does miss the occasional warning from phishers about the evil phishers (click here to protect your credit cards, now enter your credit cards here along with that security code…).

But, sadly, it does nothing about the emails regarding the size of my, uh, pickle. (Euphemism courtesy of Saxon Bennett’s Date Night.) I am really quite happy with the size of my pickle. It is exactly how I prefer it, non-existent, and the fact of its status gives me great joy (more times than others). Truly, the only time I am the wee bit envious of pickles and their capabilities is out hiking with no loo in sight.

A rule wizard has helped with the junk mail enormously. So, if you want your mail to get through, be sure not to use “erectile” or “manhood” in the subject or body of the e-mail.

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  1. In early to mid December, I was thrilled to get several notices that if I ordered now (many exclamation points), I could have my longer schlong by Christmas! Needless to say, I was excited about the prospect. Then it was I could have one for the new year.The ones I cannot stand are the ones that give me ways to lose weight and be the envy of all my fat friends. Hey! How’d they know?!