A New One is Cheaper

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I’m not sure who might see this, but I thought it worth posting in the hopes of sparing someone’s wallet. I’m aware that a number of my books are available used, but recently I’ve seen some titles being bid up to unconscionable prices. Recently there was a copy of the original Frosting on the Cake up to $65 – and a new version is being released next month for $50 less!

If you can’t find a book, please drop me a note and I’ll let you know if a reprint is due out soon. It’s my publisher’s intention to keep all my books in print, though there are periods when they’re unavailable between printings. Reprints of the original Frosting on the Cake and Making Up For Lost Time will be in the near future with Touchwood not long after. All will be available in eBook formats as well.

Knowing that my work is valued is gratifying, but when the used copies start to cost more than the new ones, hold out if you can…and buy even more books with the savings!

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