Where to Buy (or Borrow)

Audio Books

  • Audible

    Powered by Amazon, Audible connects to a multitude of players, tablets, smartphones and all that. Shop at Audible

  • Audiobooks.com

    Independent Audiobooks.com connects to a multitude of players, tablets, smartphones. Shop at Audiobooks.com

  • iTunes

    Serving the Apple nation, just search for “Kallmaker” to view audio books as well as eBooks. Shop at iTunes

Digital and Print Books

  • Direct from the Publisher

    Print books, the real deal, direct from the women who make them, and available before all other locations. With real people who answer the phone.  •  When it comes to digital books, the prices are the same, and Bella Books offers rebates, frequent sales, and one purchase unlocks all formats of forever-yours downloads.  •  More – a lot more – of your money goes to the women who created the book.
    The widest selection of novels in print and digital, shorter works in digital (some exclusive to Bella), and bundles (exclusive to Bella). Shop at Bella

  • Independent Booksellers

    Any bookstore can order Karin’s books. If you’re fortunate you have a local indie who stocks LGBT titles. If not, ask.  •  Kobo devices and the Kobo app also allow you to Shop Local for your eBooks. Independent booksellers can hook you up.  •  More of your money ends up in your local store.
    Primarily Novels in paperback, though Kobo has shorter works in addition to novels. Shop at Laurel Books, KK's favorite Indie

  • Direct from the Author

    Karin’s online store carries exclusive bundles and free reads, and many novels are available to be signed as you like.
    Signed paperbacks. Shorter works in digital only formats. Shop at Karin's Store

  • All the Usual Suspects

    Amazon around the world, Tolino, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and more all carry most of Karin’s books. Just search for “Kallmaker” at your favorite site – there’s only one!
    Novels in print and digital. Shorter works digital only.

Request from Your Public Library!

  • Paperbacks

    Many LGBT books are available through interlibrary loan. So ask! This encourages collection librarians to order copies for their own collection. This helps authors. This helps the LGBT kids out there who fear to check out the book. A library should reflect the needs of their entire community. That means you too.

  • Ebooks and Audio Books

    Ask your Librarian how to get eBooks! If offered, you can download to your devices and read through a service like Overdrive. For free. If your local library doesn’t have the digital books you want, request them. See above about helping the author and LGBT teens. While many libraries readily order print LGBT books, the digital shelves are woefully bare.
    • There are many ways to read for free at the library, which means the author still gets paid. Don’t participate in piracy.