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What Happened Next, Round 3

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Drawing and comment period is now closed. Winners announced in this comment.

(Apologies to those who received this post in their inbox twice. Something went awry with the interwebs WordPress magicks and it was not pretty!)

Has Kesa finally designed a dress for Jennifer Lamont to wear to the Oscars? Is Helen Baynor still the Queen of Broadway? Do Kip and Tam ever have a chance to get away from the job? Will anyone ever give Lisa the credit she is due for always being right? Does a TikTok world offer celebrity chef Valkyrie Valentine a way to go viral? Do Alice and Pepper really go on an all-science road trip?

I have questions! Do you have questions?

Do you have a lingering question from one of my stories that could be answered by a follow-up? Yes, I’m gathering ideas for Frosting on the Cake Volume 3, and I want to know who you want to read about. I’ve put a handy list of all of the novels and novellas, and their featured couples, at the bottom of this post. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out Volume 1 here.)

I’ll choose FIVE comments to receive a free download of their choice from my digital store (have a look at the choices). Winners chosen on Monday, March 28.

By the Way, is it “Frosting” or “Icing”?

What do you call it in your family? If you feel like sharing, please add where you hail from. I’m very interested in who, how, and why this delectable, delightful addition to cake is called two different things in the English-speaking world. Some say it’s regional, others say they’re not the same thing at all. What say you?

It was always “frosting” on cake at our house. Icing was for cookies. When I decided I wanted to write a bunch of follow-up short stories for my novels, I never considering anything other than “Frosting on the Cake.” But more than one reader has called it “Icing on the Cake” which is fine unless you’re looking alphabetically. As far as the Googles are concerned, “Kallmaker cake book” will get you the right results regardless.


Here’s the List!

Click on the title if you need a memory boost about the story.
Above Temptation, Kip and Tam
All the Wrong Places, Brandy and Tess
Because I Said So, Kesa and Shannon
Captain of Industry, Jennifer and Suzanne
Car Pool, Anthea and Shay
Castle Wrath, Brittany and Melanie
Christabel, Dina and Christa
Comfort and Joy, Milla and Tyna
Cowboys and Kisses, Darlin’ and Violet
Embrace in Motion, Sarah and Leslie
Finders Keepers, Marissa and Linda
A Fish Out of Water, Ariel and Erica
In Every Port, Jessica and Cat
Just Like That, Syrah and Toni
The Kiss That Counted, CJ and Karita
Love by the Numbers, Nicole and Lily
Making Up for Lost Time, Jamie and Val
Maybe Next Time, Sabrina and Jorie
My Lady Lipstick, Paris and Diana
Night Vision, Julia and Sirena
One Degree of Separation, Marian and Liddy
Painted Moon, Jackie and Leah
Paperback Romance, Carolyn and Alison
Roller Coaster, Laura and Helen
Simply the Best, Alice and Pepper
Stepping Stone, Selena and Gail
Substitute for Love, Holly and Reyna
Sugar, Sugar and Charlie
Touchwood, Rayann and Louisa
Unbeliever, Hayley and Aurora
Unforgettable, Rett and Angel
Warming Trend, Ani and Eve, plus Lisa and Tan
Watermark, Rayann and Teresa
Wild Things, Faith and Sydney

Trouble commenting? You can send an email to entry4drawing(-at-)kallmaker.com – replace (-at-) with @ for the valid email address. Sorry, spammers take some of the ease and fun out of life.

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