Wild Things (Silver Moon Books edition) – Paperback


by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

This edition was produced by Silver Moon Books in the UK. Some words have been tweaked to the Queen’s English. The page edges are yellow but the binding and covers are in very good condition. The contents are the same as the United States editions.

  • Scholar and award-winning author Faith Fitzgerald has every reason to be happy: a wealthy, charming man who adores her and a family cheering her marriage prospects. But from the moment she meets Eric's sister, Sydney Van Allen, she knows her safe, predictable feelings for him are a shadow of what could be.

    Openly lesbian and running for Senator, Sydney can only succeed if she can live down her wild past. That means no liaisons, especially with the achingly alluring woman on her brother's arm who looks at her with confusion—and desire.

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  • words: 56000

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