Paperback Romance (1993 cover) – Paperback


by Karin Kallmaker

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The content of this 1993 edition is the same as all later editions. Pages have yellowed at the edges, but the binding is fine. Naiad Press printed books to last.

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The Story...

  • If Music be the Food of Love you will want this story to play on and on ...

    Literary agent Alison has been in love with her favorite author-client for years. Not that paperback romance writer Carolyn has ever noticed. She sees Alison as a close, loyal friend; she has never questioned society's conventions.

    When Alison negotiates a lucrative contract for her, Carolyn seizes the unexpectedly large advance to fulfill a passion of her own. Beginning in Paris, scene of her brief, calamitous marriage, she will immerse herself in great music from the world's great orchestras.

    Paris brings a dramatic encounter with Nicolas Frost, the remote, driven young conductor who is creating a reputation for musical brilliance. When the smitten Carolyn discovers the conductor's masquerade -- necessary to achieve recognition in the male-dominated higher echelons of classical music -- she is suddenly faced with the true nature of her powerful attraction to Nick.

    Meanwhile, Alison has found her own consolation. But does sweet, passionate Samantha have any chance of winning Alison's affections away from Carolyn? Can there by any future for Nick and Carolyn?

    Find the answers in this captivating, decliciously romantic and erotic tale from one of our most entertaining storytellers.

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  • words: 62000

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