Hair Like a Pixie

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Today my daughter, weary of the snarls and accepting that her blond locks would never reach the length required for a donation to Locks of Love, followed in the footsteps of Keira Knightly, Sharon Stone, Winona Ryder, Michelle Williams, Mia Farrow, Isabella Rossalini and Agyness Deyn and got a pixie hair cut.

Her ears liberated from the tuck behind/fall in front debate, her eyes free of tickling strands, she danced out of the hair cutter’s shop and continued dancing when she got home.

So, it wouldn’t grow long and be “flip worthy” a la Charlie’s Angels. Given that it took her three years just to have hair that would lift in a breeze, she’s glad to sport something so stylish.

She’ll be equally happy with a ballcap jammed over her flyaway curls, or the soft tendrils rumpled and gelled for the talent show. It’ll be perfect for wrestling next year and this year she’s certain that having less hair to carry will improve her track times, and be a perfect foil for the curly laces on her running shoes.

Watch out world, because the little girls in this generation are making their own rules. About everything.

P.S. To all you mothers out there – can we talk? Is your son’s hair the longest in your house? Ours, too. His hair is thicker, stronger, glossier and just plain prettier than any of the females in the house. The length really doesn’t bother me as long as his pants are belted around his waist, not his thighs.

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  1. Oh, Luke Skywalker cut — that’s the perfect description. Only shaggier. My son’s not aware of the female of the species. Yet. But he thinks showing off your boxer shorts is lame and doofy, and I encourage that. I also encourage one classic rock band for every Panic at the Disco or My Chemical Romance that comes along. So far he likes Led Zep, Pink Floyd and Skynyrd okay — all good. The Weird Al phase was a little hard to get through; it was hard to get through the first time around when I was not a lot older than he is now!

  2. Another mom here, Karin.Yes! My son’s hair is the most gorgeous in the house. It’s honey gold and because of the shape of his face, it’s sort of cut Mark Hamill-ish (from the original Star Wars), but longer than that. He’s 15, and I’m pretty sure he thinks it is one of the reasons the girls crowd him at school.Thankfully I don’t have to worry about the pants issue. My son prefers a pretty clean cut look to go to school: polo shirts and properly fitting jeans.