Glamour photo of red haired young woman in red lipstick and red sunglasses

First Look: My Lady Lipstick (Paris)

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Glamour photo of red haired young woman in red lipstick and red sunglasses

A work in progress has reached a milestone when I feel confident enough to share the first chapter. With the forewarning that this is as yet unedited, and completely subject to change, behold! The first chapter of my next lesbian romance: My Lady Lipstick.

P.S. Recognize anyone?
P.P.S. Interested in Chapter Two?

My Lady Lipstick – Preview

by Karin Kallmaker

You might remember Lisa from this novel – the excerpt on that page features her.

Comments 17

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  4. I liked it. It made me want to read the next chapter. The fonts are really small though, but it was worth it.

    1. Hi Idit – a question from the web worker. The site is programmed to allow your device to always set the font size. Are all the pages on the site displaying too small for you? And if you have a moment, what browser were you using to view the site?

  5. Absolutely love the first chapter. Looking forward to the rest. Hope it’s in paperback too since I don’t don’t do electronic books. Keep up the great work you do!!!

  6. I’m having an “Adulting So Hard” nightcap right now, thinking about how your new work is going to, once again, keep me up all night. Also, I cannot wait.

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