Did Santa Bring You an eBook reader?

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Starting with its 2009 titles, Bella Books is going to be releasing the eBook version (in both PDF and MOBI formats) of its new releases at the same time as the print release. So you can get all the new releases without any delay, and take all of them on planes, trains and automobiles. Or (like me) to the gym, waiting for the kids to get out of wrestling practice or enjoying a fine latte.

I have a number of readers from the UK and most countries in Europe, so I’m really delighted that they’ll be able to get the latest books when North Americans do. Plus, the free offer of my eStory from Bella Presents, “Happy New Year, Too,” has been extended to January 20. That means everyone can get KG MacGregor’s or Tracey Richardson’s new book (or both!) and the eStory.

Next month, Bella is rereleasing The Dawning, which has been out of print for several years. I originally released it under the pen name of Laura Adams, and it’s the sequel to Night Vision. Both are romantic stories with science-fiction angles. The Dawning specifically pays tribute to the astronauts who died in the Challenger explosion. It will be available as an eBook for the very first time.

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