Audio Recordings – Your Opinion Please

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There have always been requests for more lesbian fiction available as audio books, but the cost of producing them has always been prohibitive. Mainstream chick lit titles in audio download can run $30-$40 each. In our niche market, an audio recording would cost even more.

Some of the costs—in addition to the production costs that were already spent to create the book, such as editing and proofreading—include the hiring of talent, renting of studio facilities and burning of multiple CDs.

Digital technology takes away some of the costs. If an author reads her work herself, and her publisher could handle the download stream via mp3, the project becomes a great deal less expensive.

As most of you know, I’ve recorded chapters from several books using Soundcloud as the host of the free podcasts. Obviously, if I wanted to record an entire book, I could do so. It would take time, which is a precious commodity to waste on what could be an end result nobody really wants to pay for. Sure, it’s fun for a chapter, or a short story, but think about my voice for hours … and hours … and hours….

If you are someone who has downloaded one of my podcasts, I would love to hear from you. Please be honest—brutal, even. My style of reading is not going to change. If you think my style would be untenable for the length of a novel, please drop me a note at karin(at) Any feedback is a gift, and thank you for it.

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  1. Funny, but right before I found this posting I was saying to my friend how much I would love to hear you read an entire book and how mesmorized I would be sitting and listening to you. I have listed to all of your podcasts and I love your voice. Listening to how you portray each character and the inflection in your voice gives me a better view of each character. I would most definitely buy audio recordings. I would love to hear “Sugar” or “In Every Port”.

  2. i’m a visual person and i prefer reading books to listening but i love your voice and you know how to read your books…if you are the one who’s reading, i might consider buying audio book, but i won’t get it if it’s read by someone elsethanks for sharing your talent with usLana

  3. Karin:Personally, I think you have a very soothing, friendly, yet powerful voice. However, I do believe that voiceover talent for audio production is a unique skill, much like some of us are songwriters but not necessarily singers. How we breathe, swallow and pace our reading are just a few of the attributes that affect the quality of an audiobook. And, given the importance of the words, we surely do not wish to distract the listener with extraneous sound. That said, I would recommend you consider hiring professional voice talent should you determine there is a market for audiobooks among the LGBT publishing audience.Best wishes and good luck!

  4. I’m not a fan of audio books, mainly because I am such a visual person – visual learner. However, audio books is the only way my sweetie will “read” fiction. So we’re split 50/50 in our house.

  5. I just love the podcasts. For my non-english ears it was sometimes to fast to follow. I love the lively style and enjoy the intonation of the words. That way makes it more visible to listener and made me laugh (almost out loud) while commuting to and from work.An audiobook for $25-30 is affordable for me.AnnM

  6. Kallmaker reading Kallmaker would be worth much $$$ to me. 🙂 Your style is lively, your voice is clear, and you inject so much “personality” into your reading style that it’s a joy indeed to experience any part of your books aurally.